We take heating Seriously.

Nothing is better than diving into a beautiful warm swimming pool, and if your pool is warm you're likely to swim more. We don't live in a tropical environment so at Aquation Pools we take pool heating seriously.  We can offer you expert advise on choosing the best system for heating your pool.

1. Insulate

Just as you would with your house it is most effective and cost efficient to retain heat before you add additional heat to your pool.  That is why all our pools are insulated with 90mm thick wall insulation panel, ensuring that heat is retained within the pool - ensuring your pool will stay warmer longer.

2. Cover

Covering your pool will assist with stopping evaporation and depending on type can either further retain heat, provide solar heating, keep debris out, or provide a secure lockable cover.  Aquation Pools are agents for NZ's leading pool cover manufacturers and can supply and install:

  • Solar Blankets
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Slat Covers
  • Reels - Manual and Automated
  • Automated Covers

Cover Pits

Protecting your cover & reel when not in use and the ability to remove from sight is another factor to consider when choosing your cover.  Aquation Pools can design and construct Cover Pits, and under reel seating to suit your landscaping.  Talk to us to discuss options.

3. Heat

When looking to heat your pool there are a number of options. 

Heat Pumps

By extracting free heat from the ambient air, heat pumps have a low cost of operation compared to gas, diesel pool heaters or electric elements.

We use Heat Pumps that have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditions and continue to perform efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10C to +45C. So you'll continue to enjoy Hot Water all year round no matter where you are or what the weather's doing outside.

Heat pumps can work with solar or are an alternative to solar when roof area is not sufficient.  The solar system can have your pool comfortable with no power costs for up to six months of the year; and the heat pump can bring your pool to your desired temperature during poor weather periods.

Solar Heating

Aquation Pools are agents for NZs number one solar pool heating system - Heliocol.

A Heliocol Solar Heating system with patented Individual Tube DesignTM technology will bring you many years of safe, worry-free comfortable enjoyment in your pool


How does it work?

Heliocol solar panels are installed on your roof in a sunny position.
Your pool water is pumped through hundreds of tubes in the collectors where it absorbs the sun’s heat. This heated water is then returned to the pool for your enjoyment.

With 3 types of panels to choose from Heliocol have the system best suited to your environment.


for further information go to the Heliocol website here >