Whether a new pool or a refurbishment, the team at Aquation Pools will deliver you a exceptional swimming pool for years of enjoyment.


Setting the standard

Cascade sets the standard for product innovation, quality and reliability in the industry.  After building over 8000 pools nationwide, Cascade have the installation process down to a fine art.  At Aquation we will manage your pool installation project professionally and ensure you are satisfied every step of the way.

A swimming pool by Aquation.

Individually Designed

Our Pools can be built in any shape, size and depth. Inground or above ground, new or an upgrade to an existing pool, whatever suits your requirements

Pre-engineered Panels & Structual Concrete

Pre-engineerd steel panels with High Density Concrete and steel reinforcing complete with 90mm foam insulation, which reduces heating costs without compromising structural integrity.

Smooth Embossed Interior

Our Aqualux pool interiors combine a special mixture of tough PVC polymers, providing a smooth non-slip surface treated with Algae-resistant sanitiser which inhibits algae growth and ensures you pool will resist slime, mould and stains. With a range of colours, Aqualux ensures a beautiful, long lasting interior that never needs repainting or re-plastering.

Minimal maintenance and costly chemicals

The combination of Aqualux algae-resistant interiors and Aquagenie + Ozone skimmer / sterilsation system ensures minimal work to keep your water sparkling clear - your pool will never need emptying for cleaning. No need for expensive chemicals or minerals.

Top Quality Filtration

We supply the best quality Hi-Rate micro-media filtration and Filter Master pumps with long filtration cycles combined with electronic time control ensures a minimum of work for you to keep your pool looking great.

Quality Pool Tools

Every Ultimate pool comes equipped with a full range of pool tools - test kit, brush, leaf scoop, manual vacuum set and water temperature therometer

Peace of Mind with Extended Warranties

Cascade offer a 20/25 Guarantee (Twenty Year interior and 25 year structural guarantee). Our Guarantees are so long we will assign them to the new owners if you sell during the guarantee period.

Superior Workmanship

Aquation, together with Cascade are able to offer the level of hands on service, industry expertise, and quality craftsmanship that will result in an exceptional swimming pool experience. Our pools can typically be built within 4 weeks.